Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tuesday Transformation

Good morning Friends,
Grace and peace be unto you!

Change starts in your mind and then it radiates out. Whatever I consistently think I will act upon, and I will consistently see the manifestation of said thoughts. So, if we are going to transform our actions we have to start with our thoughts. What am I thinking about? What do I meditate on?

My mind is the laboratory for my actions. What am I cooking up in my lab today? Are they thoughts of peace and goodwill, or doom and evil? Do I see the best in my sister or am I looking for a flaw so I have something to tear her down with? Take some time to as Joyce Meyers says, think about what you are thinking about. Really begin to analyze your thought life and see what is being produced out of it. If you don't like what is coming out then you have to do something about what is going in.

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed

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