Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Transformation Tuesday

Good morning friends,
Grace and peace be unto you!

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was September and I was sick today is October and I feel better.

As you transform this month I encourage you to do a couple of things.
1. Walk every day this month. 15-30 mins a day. The temperature is getting better and the sunlight will help you if you get seasonal blues.

2. Eat better. It's a new month. Remember,  transformation starts in your mind. Lol, it was funny how I had committed to cleansing this month and my little body ailment started the process for me. Lol

3. Find some good reading material that will illuminate your thinking. Can't transform if you're still thinking like you're in the gutter.

4. Make it a point to catch up with people that you have been meaning to take to. I know of 3 people that passed unexpectedly over this weekend. Talk while you have a chance.

Finally, know that just like the trees lose their leaves we too are changing and transforming each and every day.  Don't get sidetracked or complacent. Keep pushing.

Until tomorrow

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