Monday, October 7, 2019

Monday Motivation

Good morning Friends,
Grace and peace be unto you!

It is a very cold day in KAKE land. LOL, I am not ready. Yes, it is cold and I still need to cut my grass. People question global warming because...?  Anyway, that is not what we are here to talk about today.

Here is a little motivation for your tired soul. Don't put off for tomorrow what you should be doing today. Stop. Before you say, "But I'm so busy". You are as busy as what you say and what you prioritize. I would say that I live a pretty densely packed life. Some by choice and some because I am still learning the art of NO. However, I get in the things that are important to me. So, that means that sometimes I might marking going on facebook (mainly so it sends me a reminder) and I might not come. My nonattendance is not because the event was not important but because there was something that took precedence at the moment. As women, we come to those moments in our lives where you know I need to be right here, right now, to be a blessing and to receive one. By all means, have and keep your schedule but do not be a slave to it. Yes, by all means, be that dependable person that your integrity is calling you to be. By all means, be a person of your word, but do not become such a slave to your calendar and being there for everyone that you lose you.

YOU must manage self with everything you have within you! Yes, it is cool for your kids to be active and involved in sports but sometimes they need to just sit down somewhere and so do you. So, back to don't put off for tomorrow what you should do today. Take the time to talk to a friend, to write a letter, to take a walk, or something else that simply feeds your spirit. Everything thing in our world is moving at rapid speed, but I encourage you to slow down and notice your environment. The beauty in nature and the awesome wonder that is the smile of a little baby. Somethings just need to happen today. Life is so short don't miss an opportunity under the guiles of I am busy.

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed

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