Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wednesday Word

Good morning friends,
Grace and peace be unto you!

An angry person stirs up conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins. Proverbs 29:22 NIV

This scripture doesn't need a lot of commentaries written about it. I think we see this on every cop show that has ever been aired. When people lose their temper things go bad.

Today, I want you to evaluate the things that are going on around you. Are you the anger that is stirring the pot. Does your rage, mistrust, and self-loathing bring the kindling needed to bring the fires you are seeing?  If we are honest everybody is not just picking on you. There is something that you have chosen to hold on to that people are either attracted or repelled from inside of you.

This new month is a good time to empty out all of the old stale stagnant stuff we've been holding on to. Go into the fall season lighter and weight free. It might help you make better Christmas shopping decisions. When you're free you don't have to shop out of guilt. Get free and stay free.

Until tomorrow

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