Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday Motivation

Good morning friends 
Grace and peace be unto you!

Sisters I hope you as great if a weekend as I did.  The Lord showed ip and showed out. I still basking in his presence. Just a little reminder. When your mouth is filled with praise there is no room for complaint. If I am offering up my gift up worship I don't have time or space for the negative. Light and dark can not inhabit the same space. So, if my praise brings in the light of the holy spirit I don't have space for darkness. 

Only this Motivation Monday I want you to praise God until the darkness is pushed back. Until depression has no more space. Until fear has loose its grip. Praise him. Sis this the one weapon at your disposal that you don't use. Try it and let me know. 

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed 

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