Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Transformation Tuesday

Good day friends 
Grace and peace be unto you!

Do you have 20/20vision? When you go to the optometrist they check to see where your vision is. If you have 20/20 vision you can see perfect from 20 feet away. What is your reading today? Does your 2020 have 20/20 vision or does it need corrective lenses? 

As you get older you dont always love having corrective lenses but without them you grope in less than perfect focus. Sis put your glasses on and manifest your dreams. This is a new decade ! It is time to lay aside all the baggage and negative talk. You are made for this. You must figure out what your this is. Nobody can tell you what you are purposed to do but you and God. This is your year. Make it happen. Love you to life. I'm excited about your future. 

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed 
#healthygirlsrock #ninevahtour2020 

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