Monday, January 6, 2020

Monday Motivation

Good day friends 
Grace and peace be unto you!

It is a new year, new month, new week, and new day walk in them all with courage. Courage the ability to do or pursue something that frightens you. I'll admit that I have been so afraid at various points in my life that it was just easier to walk away then to confront it. The problem with walking away is that each time it gets easier and easier to not confront. Walking away is easy, confrontation is difficult. The more you set this as a habit the more it is engrained in you. 

Confrontation is neccessary for courage to kick in. Walk in the path of courage today. Dont allow old habits to overtake you. Push through the fear to the blessing. On the other side of fear are all of the things you have been looking for. Get your joy back. Get your peace back. Get your self love back. Push through fear and walk courageously into your today. Love you to life. 

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed 
#healthygirlsrock #ninevahtour2020 

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