Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Good day friends 
Grace and peace be unto you!

My thought for today. Be careful who you allow to seed your garden. I trying be still in the morning to see what I'm supposed to share with you all each day, and I heard very clear be careful who you allow to show seeds in your garden. 

I dont know about you but I make my borders wide so that I experience a variety of people throughout my week. In doing so you meet and encounter people with various backgrounds and mindsets. Everyone that smiles in your face and says they have a word has not earned the right to speak into your life. See we have to be selective in what we take into our spirit man because words are seeds that will germinate and grow. We also have to be careful who we come into agreement with. Everybody highfiving you is not agree with your health, wealth, and prosperity. Don't get caught up in the okie doke. 

If you are listening to a podcast, youtube channel, or television show and something way down doesn't agree move on. Dont get stuff in you that will take years to undo. Be careful who you allow to sow seeds in your garden. If you want to produce a bountiful harvest good seed must be planted. Just because they are cool people doesn't mean they are called to sow into you. Love you to life. 

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed 
#healthygirlsrock #ninevahtour2020 

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