Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday focus

Good day friends 
Grace and peace be unto you!

Don't get so focused on new year's resolutions that you lose your real focus, you. Making resolutions is fine and dandy but it is another opportunity for you to lie to yourself. Don't do it. When you lie to yourself it takes years to believe you again. Many of us have no confidence in our own word because we have taught our brains that we are liars.

Set some realistic goals that you would like to accomplish this year over all. Don't spend money on a gym membership if you didn't go all of last year. Stop. Start with a little walk at work during your break and work your way up. This unravels the lie and teaches your brain to believe you again. 

New habits for this new year are important. #liveBlessed 

See you next week 
#healthygirlsrock #ninevahtour2020 

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