Monday, March 4, 2019

Transformation Tuesday

Good morning,
Grace and peace be unto you!

Sisters as we transform our worlds one the first thing that must change is our environment. See it does us no good to take a bath and then go wallow in the dirt. If we change our mindsets but don't change our environment we will be polluted with the same foolishness we just came out of.

Look at the people that you surround yourself with. Are they always asking you for a favor but never can come through for you? Are they constantly talking about other people and putting people down? Do they ever give to others without having their hand out for a return? Do they build more than tear down? If you have answered no to the majority of these then it is time to exit stage right. Many cool people may not be cool for you.

When you realize that your path and the path of those that you have associated yourself are no longer aligned it is time to make some transformational moves. Remember, at the core of you being whole, is you! Don't compromise you for anyone. You might not ever get you back.

Until tomorrow

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