Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning,
Grace and peace be unto you!

I find it very interesting that we have been experiencing rain this entire week. There were tornados in Texas and other atmospheric conditions popping up. While these are not unusual they are metaphoric. There is a washing and a sweeping happening in our land. God is preparing us for the next shift. 

Growing up I remember my grandma using a sifter when she wanted the flour to be light and separated. God is sifting the particles that he doesn't want you to have out of your life. He is doing a separating while bring the family unit back together. Don't be sifted out in the next shift of God. Seek wisdom as to the direction you are to go. Hear Father speak and obey. Dont rush or pull the reigns. Let him lead this next waltz. This is a time of strategy. Prayer is your weapon. Dont be defenseless. Love you to life.

Until tomorrow #liveBlessed 

#healthygirlsrock #ninevahtour2020 

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